Friday, August 20, 2010


County Says Board Will Hear Recommendations in September

By Michael Horne

According to RFP 6562, Milwaukee County staff should make a decision today among the 11 bids submitted for the sale of the county's City Campus, 2711 W. Wells St., and the related lease of space for the county's Department of Aging, now located at 235 W. Galena St.
Bids were due July 30th 2010.

The proposal has several moving parts.
  • The county asked for bids for the lease of space suitable for the aging department, whose lease expires next year. That lease would also include those county departments now on Wells St. That would free up the county to sell the 265,000 s.f. City Campus, built as a hospital.
  • Or, what the heck, the county would consider simply moving the Department of Aging into the City Campus, thereby filling it to capacity.
Gerald Baker of the county's Real Estate Department, said staff would forward its recommendation to the County Board for its consideration in September, with a final decision expected to be rendered in October, with a lease to commence in January 2011.

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