Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Special to the Readers of Plenty of Horne

By Michael Horne

And The Plenty of Horne Hound Dog Team

Chris Larson has $16,000 on hand for the remaining week of his campaign to unseat Sen. Jeff Plale for the Democratic nod in the 7th district, according to a report from the State GAB sent at the request of the Hound Dog Team. This is the first time this information has been made available to the public.
Plale has $35,000 on hand, according to his GAB2, already filed and processed by the GAB.

Larson's report, which will show he raised $52,875 YTD, (vs. Plale's $70,992) is being processed at this time, as are others.

It was filed yesterday as Excel and hasn't been converted yet. The staff here needs time to run a script, convert the file, clean it up, and file the report. There are others in line for processing too. I have attached the excel report that we received for Chris Larson. Please allow for time for the staff here to convert the excel files that we have received. New reports are being added to the website every 30 minutes.
Tracey Porter
Ethics and Accountability Specialist
WI Government Accountability Board

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